Hi, I'm Samara.

My mind was spiraling, my stomach sank...

...and breaking up seemed like the only answer.

Long before I was a relationship anxiety coach, I used to be a professional doubter.

In my relationships I would obsess...

"Am I settling? Am I really attracted to my partner? Do I love them enough? Am I making a big mistake?"

Or the coin would flip and I'd panic, "does my partner really love me? What if they leave me or cheat on me?"

After years of searching for answers, I finally cracked the code and found freedom.

I realized that all of this anxiety was truly my soul's journey back home to my authentic self... the part of me who knows I'm always safe and doesn't need to leave a healthy relationship to prove it.

Today I'm overjoyed, grateful and loving life with my incredible partner. (Even though we ain't perfect!)

I know they're my person and trust my choices in every area of life. I trust my partner and feel unconditionally loved no matter what.

Now I guide my clients through a proven holistic program that empowers them to get the same results in a fraction of the time.

No matter how long or intense your doubts have been, freedom really is possible. Even if you think your situation is different. Even if you've done inner work before.

Join Unstoppable Love now and see how GOOD life gets on the other side of fear:


"If you're serious about growth in your life, hire this woman yesterday."
— Lauren C.

No matter what your anxiety theme sounds like, how long you've struggled or how "different" your situation seems...

Healing is possible and freedom is available to you now. My clients typically start seeing and feeling noticeable results within weeks.

One client even got happily engaged after our first call. She's still married and loving it!

Are you ready to break free?


"Things are going so well. I'm so much calmer. Our relationship has been so strong lately. We've had more sex than ever before since you've been supporting me. We're just so happy and I feel my anxiety being night and day away from where I was prior to working together."

- J.A.

Is it really Relationship Anxiety / ROCD?

Watch now to discover the difference between red flags and Relationship Anxiety (also known as Relationship OCD), where it comes from and why we have it, plus next steps to overcome relationship doubts for good.