Hi, I'm Samara.

Years ago, when my partner proposed to me, I couldn't trust myself to say yes or no.

I said yes on the condition that we do a long two-year engagement, so I could figure out why so much doubt and worry was coming up. I loved my partner, but I had no idea how to make such a big decision with confidence. 

Okay, for real? That's putting it lightly.

I had crippling engagement anxiety. On any given day, my mind came up with about 1,597 versions of the following:

  • Is this really my forever person?
  • Why am I so unsure?
  • Does all this doubt mean it isn't meant to be?

Not to mention some big frustrations I had over our relationship itself, and the belief that the only solution was to end it.

Here's how bad it got...

I suffered debilitating migraines that forced me to lay in a dark room for hours. The more I tried to think my way through it, the worse I felt. To sleep at night, I drank more whiskey gingers than anyone would consider healthy. And there wasn't a moment of the day when I didn't feel some degree of stress.

Luckily, I made the most powerful choice of my life.

I reached out for help. Even though I struggled to commit to my fiancé, I committed to ending the doubt.

My journey wasn't short or easy. I worked with all kinds of specialists, read books and took courses. I tried everything under the sun. But my biggest breakthroughs finally happened when I pieced together the keys that I now teach my clients.

"If you're serious about growth in your life, hire this woman yesterday."
— Lauren C.

Through combining the most powerful tools, I finally stopped doubting and aligned with my truth. And to my surprise, the truth wasn't scary. It was absolutely freeing! 

I've now been happily married to that same AMAZING man for over 6 years. (Don't worry if you wouldn't use the word "amazing" to describe your partner yet. We'll get there.)

Here's the best part.

It's not just a happy marriage. I bring a whole new level of peace and confidence to our relationship and every area of my life. If you'd told me 8 years ago how joyful and contented I'd now feel, I wouldn't have believed you.

Another bonus? Our communication (and sex life) are the best they've ever been. And that's after becoming parents!

Now for the really best part.

Today, as a certified coach specializing in Relationship Anxiety, I help people just like you create transformative, lasting results in a fraction of the time.

How fast will you get results, exactly?

Of course, it's unique to each individual. My clients typically experience breakthroughs and ah-ha's after every coaching session. One client even got happily engaged after our first call! She's still married and loving it.

Are you ready for life-changing results?


"I was recently fortunate enough to do an in-depth session with Samara focused around my relationship doubts and anxiety.

I’d been struggling with this problem for years. Some of the issues and thoughts I often had were “Do I know what I am doing?”, “Does my partner really like me?”, and “Is this the right relationship?” I had become driven and overrun by my anxiety and doubt.

During our call, I had a lot of realizations. I learned a lot about the deeper reasons and thoughts behind my anxiety/doubt. I had a major ah-ha moment about my fear.

The results have been amazing and actually life-changing. I am cutting the anxiety off before it even starts. I am able to be 100% present and go into my relationship in a new way. I can face my fears. I am now much stronger, more aware and free. I am so thankful. My life and my relationship will forever be changed in the best way."

— Kandysse V.


3 Keys to Ending Relationship Doubt


  • Why we struggle in love and decision-making
  • The simple way to stop second-guessing
  • How to strengthen your relationship and have a whole lot more fun