Hi! I'm Samara.


I’m a spiritual life coach. I work with anyone experiencing uncertainty, frustration or anxiety around:

  • Relationships

  • Dating

  • Marriage

  • Parenthood

  • Career

  • Life transitions

  • Decision-making

  • Self-trust

Through one-on-one coaching, I help you access your own inner wisdom in a way that feels safe and empowering. You’ll learn how to end the cycle of fear and make choices that feel good.

I specialize in coaching individuals and couples who are doubting whether they’ve chosen the right partner. I help them discover how to make a clear choice and have the best relationship of their lives.


this is for you if: any of the following are true…

  • You're seeking clarity and support around relationships, dating, engagement or marriage.

  • You want freedom from indecision, doubt or anxiety around ANY important life choice or transition.

  • You want to connect with your inner knowing, make powerful choices and live your happiest life.

  • Most importantly, you want to know that you’ve stayed true to yourself every step of the way. Because when you’re aligned with your truest self, you cannot steer wrong.

Guess what?! Your truth is ready for you, too.



The results have been amazing and actually life-changing. I am cutting the anxiety off before it even starts. I am able to be 100% present and go into my relationship in a new way. I can face my fears. I am now much stronger, more aware and free. I am so thankful. My life and my relationship will forever be changed in the best way.

— Kandysse V.



Your answers are closer than you think.


My Story

After saying yes when my husband proposed in 2012, I battled crippling engagement anxiety that never really went away. I realized that “chronic uncertainty” was affecting all areas of my life. After many years working with coaches and intuitive healers, I finally discovered what had been holding me back and how to overcome it. I now use a variety of techniques to help my clients do the same in a fraction of the time.

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Getting Started

Starting is easy. I coach people all over the world by phone or virtual Zoom meetings. You'll get clear on what you need and the steps to get it from the comfort of your couch. My style is honest, empathy-driven coaching that works if you work it. I’ll hold a safe space for you where we can dig deep together. You’ll discover insights that you can apply to your life immediately.

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What I Offer

If you want big results fast, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from a list of powerful programs and get all the one-on-one support you need. Packages come in different shapes and sizes designed to transform your life for good. Coaching sessions are custom-scheduled to fit easily into your busy day.

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Client Testimonials

Find out what others are saying about life coaching sessions with Samara Lane.


If you're serious about growth in your life, hire this woman yesterday.

— Lauren C.



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