Free yourself from Relationship Anxiety & ROCD

Heal and overcome Relationship Anxiety / Relationship OCD so you can enjoy your partner and restore peace, confidence + trust in yourself.


Samara Lane
Relationship Anxiety & ROCD Coach

Self-Trust Queen

You want to be with your partner, but your mind is questioning everything. Are you settling? Is there someone better for you? Are you really attracted to and in love with your partner? How can you know for sure?

This is textbook relationship anxiety/ocd and you're in the right place. Peace of mind and confidence in your relationship choices are available to you now.

Like me and all the countless people I've worked with over the years, healing is truly possible for you.

You can overcome Relationship Anxiety / Relationship OCD and heal the root causes for good.

Become confident in your choices and at peace within yourself so you can get back to enjoying your relationship and life.


"I'm so grateful to Samara. She held space and had a way with helping me that led to amazing breakthroughs. In thirty days we got engaged! I was able to move through things that were groundbreaking, giving us a marriage that I couldn't even dream of."

— Kandysse C.


Is it really Relationship Anxiety / ROCD?

Watch now to discover the difference between red flags and Relationship Anxiety (also known as Relationship OCD), where it comes from and why we have it, plus next steps to overcome relationship doubts for good.

"I'm not kidding when I say the program changed my life! I feel like I'm in such a good place, worlds different than I was when I started. I can't say thank you enough!"

— M. K.