Break up with relationship anxiety and commit with confidence while staying true to yourself.


My wedding was only days away and I couldn't get out of bed.

The knot in my stomach wouldn’t go away, and I knew what it was...

Relationship anxiety. 

I loved my partner and wanted it to work, but our relationship was far from perfect. How could I know if I was making the right choice? One that I’d be happy with for the rest of my life?

After years of searching for answers, I finally discovered what was keeping me stuck. I learned the truth about my relationship, my partner and myself. And to my surprise, the truth wasn’t scary. It was absolutely freeing!

Samara Lane



You’re worried that you might be settling and that your partner isn’t the right match for you. What if you wake up one day and realize you wasted your best years with the wrong person? 

Most of all, you’re scared of making the wrong decision. What if they are the right partner and you’re sabotaging what could be your dream relationship for all the wrong reasons? 

Have you ever thought:

  • Is my partner right for me?
  • Am I settling? Is there someone better for me?
  • Am I making the wrong decision?
  • When my partner says or does something I’m not okay with, do I just have to live with it? 
  • Will I turn around in 10 years and realize I’ve wasted my time? Should I get out now before it’s too late?


  • Does my partner really love me? Do I love my partner enough?
  • Do I know what I’m doing? 
  • Why do other people seem so sure of their relationships?
  • Is this all a red flag? Where is it really coming from?
  • Am I sabotaging my relationship?

Deep down...

You know it can’t go on like this. Your confidence in your relationship continues to yo-yo. Your happiness is at the mercy of your partner's behavior, not to mention intrusive thoughts.

Stop hoping and praying for a crystal ball or magical algorithm that will give you the certainty you’re looking for. 

It doesn’t exist. And frankly, there’s something FAR better...

My step-by-step system teaches you how to make decisions from the right place and have the relationship you’ve always wanted, all while staying totally true to yourself. Best of all, you can do this with the "perfectly imperfect" partner you already have!

Whatever you do...

Please don't waste your precious time trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Don’t shortchange yourself or your relationship with half-solutions that never get to the heart of the problem. Not only will you be spinning your wheels, but think of all the true love and deep connection you’re missing when you’re clouded by fear and uncertainty. There are whole new worlds of love and depth waiting for you on the other side of this!

But not all programs are created equal.

You’re not going to find the highly specialized solutions you need in traditional workshops, therapy or counseling. (Many clients have told me that they got more out of one coaching session with me than from months or even years of therapy.)

You want lasting results and you want them fast.

For this, you need expert guidance from a specialist. Luckily, you’re in the right place.


The proven program to take you from doubting to deep connection.

  • Stop second guessing your commitment after every fight.
  • Quit letting the things that bother you eat away at your relationship.
  • Uncover what your heart is truly telling you and experience the peace that comes from confidence in your own decisions.

The deep friendship, bond and understanding you crave from your partner are NOT too good to be true. The relationship you’ve always dreamed of (but never quite thought possible) is waiting for you! And it's already yours.

By the end of this signature 1-on-1 coaching program, you’ll be able to look at your partner and say:

“You’re my forever person! We’ve got this.”

"I'm so grateful to Samara. She had a way with helping me that led to amazing breakthroughs. In thirty days we got engaged! I was able to move through things that were groundbreaking, giving us a marriage that I couldn't even dream of.

I’d been struggling with this problem for years. Some of the issues and thoughts I often had were “Do I know what I am doing?”, “Does my partner really like me?”, and “Is this the right relationship?” I had become driven and overrun by my anxiety and doubt.

The results have been amazing and actually life-changing. I am cutting the anxiety off before it even starts. I am able to be 100% present and go into my relationship in a new way. I can face my fears. I am now much stronger, more aware and free. I am so thankful. My life and my relationship will forever be changed in the best way."

— Kandysse C.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! I have been in and out of therapy for so long but never made a connection to my past like this. Thank you so much for helping me and my relationship. You’re saving us!"

— Michelle L.

"Samara is a skillful and authentic coach. Through her probing questions and keen ability to catch repeating themes, I was able to quickly make headway into discovering my obstacles. I highly recommend this amazing woman."

Elisa W.

If I'm not confident in my choice of partner, it's not meant to be.

Years ago, when my amazing partner proposed to me, I couldn't trust myself to say yes or no...

It was a crisp October evening and we’d just left a fancy restaurant to go for a walk. Out of the blue, my boyfriend proposed to me and in the moment, I said yes. He was overjoyed!

I, on the other hand, was shaking like a leaf and needed to sit down. I loved him and wanted to be with him, but our relationship still had tons of kinks to work out. How could I know if I was making the right choice? One that I’d be happy with for the rest of my life?

I started to panic and asked to go home.

We spent the next 2 hours crying together on our kitchen floor as I spilled the beans. I told him all my fears, every doubt I had about him, and how uncertain I felt about marriage. (Hint: not the best way to communicate your doubts to your partner!) 

Yeah… let’s just say it wasn’t the romantic proposal either of us had ever envisioned. 

I yearned for clarity, but I had no idea where to start. My journey through relationship anxiety was anything but easy:

  • When we announced our engagement, I felt so unsure that we pushed the wedding date out by 2 years.
  • When some of my family and friends didn’t approve of my decision, I second guessed myself. 
  • 24 hours before our wedding day, my stress left me bedridden with crippling migraines. 
  • Even after getting married, I still wondered if I’d made a huge mistake. 
  • And you better believe, ANY time we had a fight or he said something that rubbed me the wrong way, I felt sick with uncertainty. 

I took courses, read books and saw “experts,” but everything fell short. Still, something inside me sensed that I shouldn’t give up. 

After years of struggling with serious doubts, I finally cracked the code on relationship anxiety.

It wasn’t one single, “by George, I’ve got it!” moment. Over time, I slowly but powerfully pieced together the three pillars that I now teach my clients. (Keep reading for details.) Only through the combination of these three pillars did I experience deep, lasting relief and a truly successful relationship.

Today, I’ve been happily married to that same amazing, (wildly imperfect!) man for over 6 years.

Now, I wake up every morning feeling confident and excited for our marriage and grateful that I get to do this for the rest of my life. When we have a hard day (because all couples will face new challenges), we know how to use it to strengthen our bond and come away feeling closer than ever.

When I go to bed at night, I feel peace, calm, and total alignment with my choice to commit to him. I can finally say with certainty: he’s my forever person!

You can have all that, too.

I know this because I’ve seen the life-changing transformation in my clients’ relationships. They’ve shared with me the joy and relief they feel after aligning with their highest truth and discovering the answers that were always there just under the surface. 

As a certified life coach with real world experience, I can show you how.

With the support of 1-on-1 coaching and my step-by-step system, my clients don’t have to struggle for years, wondering if they’re with the right person. They can get lasting results fast and enjoy a happier relationship than they ever thought possible, even if their partner isn’t perfect.


  • Master Your Mindset and leave anxiety behind.
  • Unlock Your Intuition so you confidently make the right choices.
  • Renew Your Relationship and become an unstoppable couple.



The Signature Unstoppable Relationship Program gives you...

  • My proven step-by-step system delivered in weekly videos and exercises. No stone is left unturned, so you and your relationship can thrive for years to come. 
  • 8 one-on-one coaching calls to personally guide you through every single aspect of your unique situation.
  • Lifetime access to all the videos, exercises and materials. Go at your own pace and confidently tackle any new challenge that comes your way.
  • Easy payment plans are available to make this accessible to you.
  • 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. Start seeing results risk-free!
  • BONUS 90 days of unlimited, personal email support (for all those “oh $#*!” moments) so you never get stuck.
  • BONUS 3 couples coaching sessions to help you and your partner overcome obstacles and start mastering the skills needed for a happy, lasting relationship.

"I have worked with other coaches in the past, and I can say without reservation that Samara is the cream of the crop. If you’re serious about growth in your life, hire this woman yesterday."

— Lauren C.

"Samara is deeply connected when holding space for you. She will take you right to the edge of your comfort zone and hold you there until you are ready to take the leap that you really want to take in order to make a change in mindset and action."

Jamie J.

"I'm loving the practice you shared and it led to a breakthrough today with our relationship. I can't thank you enough."

Laura A.

"She helps you put things in perspective and redirects if you tend to get into destructive loops. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to resolve concerns in their relationship with their partner."

Deeann G.

"I couldn't say enough good things about Samara and how her coaching has changed my life. She is absolutely amazing!"

Laura R.


You’ll know how to commit to your partner with confidence, make decisions from the right place, and have everything you need to enjoy a healthy relationship that stands the test of time.

The Proven Step-By-Step System

#1 Master Your Mindset

  • Start at the root. We'll tackle limiting beliefs, projections and old relationship patterns so you stop feeling stuck.
  • Whether you struggle with doubts or full blown anxiety, you’ll learn the simple steps to find peace and calm no matter the situation.
  • Bust the myths, unpack what true love and commitment look like, and feel the freedom that comes with a healthy mindset!

#2 Unlock Your Intuition

  • Rebuild your self-trust, self-love and healthy boundaries from the ground up. No more self-sabotage.
  • Whether you’re already connected to your intuition or you’ve never felt it in your life, we’ll harness the intuitive knowing you were born with so you never doubt a decision again.
  • Uncover the truth about empaths, highly sensitive people and why we’re strong AF. Start using your superpowers the right way to enhance your relationship!

#3 Renew Your Relationship

  • Learn the research-based science that separates struggling relationships from harmonious, lifelong marriages and how to apply it to yours. 
  • Take your communication skills to a whole new level and watch your relationship transform before your eyes!
  • Adopt a fresh understanding of the nature of problems - and the solutions that work - so your relationship stays truly unstoppable.

Discover how good it feels to say, “you're my forever person!” and REALLY mean it.


    BONUS #1 ($597 Value)
    90 days of unlimited, personal Email Support whenever you need it. This is a transformative program and I’m by your side every step of the way. If you ever get stuck, have a question or need additional guidance, I’m just an email away.
    BONUS #2 ($899 Value)
    3 extra sessions devoted to Couples Coaching for you and your partner. Get on the same page, tackle problems head-on and let your love life thrive. (While this isn’t required to get full results from the program, it’s a HUGE relationship booster that will serve you both for years to come!)


If you complete the weekly calls and exercises and find that it’s not the right fit, you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed! Just show proof of your work and notify me within 14 days of purchase.

I know what it’s like to already feel “on the fence” about your relationship, so I’ve taken all the risk out of this one ahead of time!


What if my "truth" is that this relationship isn't right for me?

This is the biggest fear that comes up... and you can breathe now! This is so unlikely that it’s in fact never happened to any of my clients. (Because really, this isn't about your partner.) If you’re looking for an excuse to leave your relationship because deep down you’re so done with it, don’t buy this program. But if you’re looking for a reason to stay, that alone tells me that this program is perfect for you. If this is still a concern, don't let it stop you! We'll discuss it more on our free Clarity Call. I’m serious about getting you results and I've got your back every step of the way.

What if I'm already engaged or married?

Whether you’re engaged, a newlywed or have been married for years, this program is for you. Relationship anxiety can start at any time or life stage. For some people it comes on strong, seemingly out of nowhere or from a triggering event. For others it’s always been lingering in the background of their mind. Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to conquer this for good.

What if I'm in a newer relationship?

Relationship anxiety can start at any time or life stage. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how old you are. Even if you and your partner have no plans to get married, if you’re serious about having a happy, healthy, long-term relationship, this program is for you.

What if my partner isn't on board?

What’s the cost to your relationship and the impact on your partner if you don’t get the support you need? Relationship anxiety isn’t something we can shrug off or ignore. One of the rules of life (that you’ve probably noticed already) is... when you follow what’s in your highest good, it supports the highest good of everyone. Also keep in mind that while the Couples Coaching Bonus is a fabulous freebie, it’s not required to get the full benefits of this program. So if your partner isn’t willing to do couples coaching anytime soon, that’s okay! Don’t let that stop you from taking action and resolving this once and for all. 

Is it only for women?

Not at all. Relationship anxiety doesn’t discriminate. This program is for anyone who's serious about overcoming it once and for all. All walks of life are welcome here: men, women, non-binary and straight, gay, or anything in between.

How is this different from therapy or other programs?

Instead of lingering in the past or making diagnoses like traditional therapy, we’ll focus on the forward-moving actions that give you the best results. This is the only relationship anxiety program out there that incorporates mindset, intuitive development AND relationship coaching. As I learned the hard way, other programs only address the mindset/anxiety piece and still leave you wondering a) how to make decisions with confidence, and b) how to make a relationship last. This program does it all!

How much does it cost?

This totally depends on your situation and what you need to succeed! A variety of options and payment plans are available, so I won't know what's perfect for you until we chat on the phone. Make sure to schedule your free Clarity Call now.

How long does the program take to complete?

Every client's journey is unique, but 3-4 months is very typical. You’ll get massive support and clarity from every coaching call and video exercise, so you'll start feeling relief and seeing results right away! Plus, you get lifetime access to all the videos and materials, so you can revisit this powerful step-by-step process anytime.

How much time does it take per week?

While it varies by individual, I recommend spending about 2 hours per week on the videos/exercises (in addition to our 60-minute coaching calls.) If life happens and you ever fall behind, no worries! You have lifetime access to all the videos, exercises and materials.

What if I live outside the US?

1-on-1 and couple's coaching calls can be done via Zoom from anywhere in the world. If you live inside the US, you can also do these calls by phone (most popular.) All videos, exercises and materials are in digital online format.

What if I change my mind?

No worries, it comes with a 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you complete the weekly calls and exercises and find that it’s not the right fit, you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed! Just show proof of your work and notify me within 14 days of purchase. It’s about time you got some certainty in life, so rest assured that you can start now, totally risk-free!

More questions? Book a call and ask away!


You already know what it’s like to live with relationship anxiety...

There are good days, but there are also days when you question the entire future of your life. No matter how many articles you read, friends you confide in, or videos you binge-watch, you still find yourself doubting.

The good news? Peace and clarity are yours for the taking.

You deserve a marriage that feels 100% right for you and stands the test of time. Commit to breaking the cycle of fear and watch the magic unfold. Your future self — and your partner — will thank you for it!

If you're still reading, it's because you've either tried all the things and they haven’t worked, or you have no idea where to start. Let me save you years of pain and struggle right now.

But don’t wait!

I only accept a handful of clients at a time, so NOW is your chance to break free from relationship anxiety once and for all!

If you’re still unsure, ask yourself...

  • By staying stuck, are you really living the life you want?
  • How will it feel in 1 year, 5 years or even 20 years from now if you’re still unsure about your choice of partner?
  • Truth: not even years of marriage (or breaking up) cure relationship anxiety. So what are you waiting for?

Book a Clarity Call with me now and discover what's truly possible for your relationship:

P.S. Program spots are limited and fill up on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to jump on this now! Schedule your complimentary Clarity Call and say good-bye to relationship anxiety forever.