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Get the deepest level of support for lasting results. Ditch the doubt and heal your Relationship Anxiety, ROCD or Anxious Attachment from the root, while staying true to yourself and without hearing you have to leave your partner.

Unstoppable Love gives you lifetime access to my proven step-by-step course + 3 months of private coaching for lasting peace of mind.

We'll get to the root of what's causing your doubts and help you stop spiraling, commit with confidence and feel secure in your relationship for good. Wake up every day feeling grateful for your partner. Know that you've made a sound choice that you can stay happy with for years to come. Trust your partner, relax into your relationship and feel unconditionally loved no matter what.

The 30 Day Intensive is like having me in your back pocket for 1 month of personalized coaching, support, answers and guidance. Tailored for Relationship Anxiety, ROCD or Anxious Attachment.

This is the perfect jumpstart for understanding your relationship fears, breaking the cycle of doubt and uncovering the proven steps you'll need for lasting peace of mind. Also includes 90 days access to my step-by-step course. You'll love this high-touch coaching container and all the breakthroughs that await!

Are you overwhelmed by the uncertainty and second guessing that stop you from trusting and moving forward in your business, soul work, relationships or life?

Alignment Unleashed is the last program you'll ever need to live as your higher self now, so you can feel calm in your daily life, make decisions with confidence and unleash your prosperity & bliss. No matter what type of fear, anxiety or self-doubt you're experiencing (it often jumps themes), this program has all the dedicated coaching, courses, community & live support you need.

Think of this as your one-stop shop for living your best life as an empath, intuitive or sensitive soul. Return to your joy, peace & abundance using my signature A.L.I.G.N. method.

If you'd love to start with a single 1-hour coaching session, you can book here on my calendar for a day and time that work for you. Feel free to contact me first if any questions.

If you live in the greater Seattle, WA, USA area, please join us for our monthly in-person Healing Circle. We focus on themes such as self-love, healing anxiety, developing your intuition & strengthening your spiritual connection.


Questions first or need help customizing the perfect package for you?

Contact me directly and let's talk.

"You are a god send! I have worked with so many therapists and no one has made me feel so cared for... Things are amazing. You saved my relationship and helped me so much. You are a rock star and I can never thank you enough."

- N.W.