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Samara Lane
certified life coach

  • Certified through Seattle Life Coach Training

  • Specializing in relationships, life transitions and anxiety

  • 12 years experience in employee management and human relations

  • Mama extraordinaire to one beautiful baby girl :)


About Me

I'm a native to the Seattle area who proudly coaches clients all over the country.

I work with anyone experiencing uncertainty, overwhelm or anxiety around a life choice or transition, such as: relationships, dating, marriage, parenthood, relocating, career or school.

Through one-on-one coaching, I help you access your own inner wisdom so you can make bold choices and live your happiest life.

I also specialize in working with individuals and couples who are doubting whether they’ve chosen the right partner. I help them discover how to make a clear choice and have the best relationship of their lives.

I come from a background where I managed a team of 30 people at a $1.7 million dollar service-based business. I managed and coached hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. After many years in this role, I went on to receive my certification through Seattle Life Coach Training.

But my biggest Why doesn't come from a resume or diploma…

My Story

What brought me here today is my mess. My super vulnerable, real life mess.

When I was 17 years old, freshly graduated from high school with half of a college degree already under my belt, I was suddenly diagnosed with PTSD. Without going into too much detail, I had just broken free from a highly manipulative relationship with a sexual abuser.

After loads of therapy and realizing the extent to which I had fallen victim to this man over the years, I felt devastated. Unfortunately, at the time, my child mind concluded:

“I can’t trust.”

I can’t trust anything or anyone, and certainly not myself. I thought, if I couldn’t trust this guy, how could I trust any guy? If I couldn’t trust the adults who placed me under his guidance, how could I trust any adult?

Worst of all, if I couldn’t trust myself to avoid danger, how could I ever trust myself to know what’s best?

As a young adult, this unconscious negative belief would continue to shape my life. Like a little gremlin, it would poke its head up every time I was faced with a choice that required trust in myself or faith in the universe.

Fast-forward to my twenties. I was loving my job and making great money, but I knew it wasn’t my life’s work. What was my passion? Did I even have one? I tried on lots of different hobbies in hopes of finding my “thing” and nothing clicked. I was convinced that other people had talent and purpose, but I just didn’t.

When my amazing partner of two years proposed to me, I couldn’t trust myself to say yes or no. I said yes only on the condition that we do a long two year engagement, so I could figure out why so much crippling anxiety was coming up. The fact that I struggled to commit in the first place made me even more sure that I must be making a mistake.

Then I started getting suspicious.

Why did I feel SO much doubt and anxiety? Why couldn’t I just make choices and live my life? I had no idea how to make the right call, but all the obsessive worrying certainly wasn’t the answer.

I finally started reaching out for help in a big way. I read books, joined group classes, and worked with countless coaches and intuitive healers.

Over time, I learned how to lean into the fear in a way that left me feeling better instead of worse.

I uncovered my truth. I discovered the intuitive knowing that you (yes, you!) and I were all born with. I practiced trust. I married my amazing husband and discovered my passions in life. I aligned with my joy in a way that I’d never known, not even as a small child. I finally felt free. I felt like myself. And to my surprise, I liked me.

Real talk? Yes, I’m free… AND I’m a regular human 30-something mom who doesn’t have it all figured out. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I have “oh shit” moments. Many times, I throw my hair up in a defeated bun as I navigate motherhood with our 1-year-old. I’m that person, too.

But I’m also free. Free to create whatever the heck I want in life. And excited for any opportunity to lean into the next fear.

So here’s my new story:

I can trust. In myself, in the people I choose to surround myself with, and in the universe to have my back. I can be messy AND happy. It’s not one or the other. It’s not about cleaning up the mess in order to feel closer to perfection. (After all, failure is a part of mastery.) It’s about accepting that the risk of mess is always there, and it’s always worth it.

After many years and thousands of dollars, I finally pieced together the truth about self-trust and how to make powerful choices that feel good.

Now, I get to share my signature program that gives people like you much faster results for far less money, in a way that aligns with your personal truth.

I opened my heart and shared this story with you because I know I’m not alone. There’s a self-trust epidemic out there and it’s time to lift each other up. For all my fellow humans who sometimes struggle to trust their choices, please remember:

By not fully committing, or sitting in indecision, you are not living. You are sitting on the proverbial fence and window shopping life. It’s a giant waste of time and energy and you’ve done it long enough.

To be happy, you must first be brave. You must practice making courageous choices that you don’t yet feel sure of.

Get off the fence. Make a choice. Commit. Even if you only commit for a month, a week, or a day — do it 100%. Try it on. Feel what it’s like. Know that everything will be okay no matter what you choose.

Not sure how to do that yet? That’s okay. I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.


We are all born with everything we need to succeed in this lifetime.

As your coach, I’m simply here to help you access your own inner wisdom.