Masterclass: Love & Attraction for RA/ROCD

In this Masterclass you'll learn how to bust through each of these intrusive thoughts...

Let go of false expectations...

And lean back into the comfort of knowing that your partner & relationship are already enough:


- Do I really love my partner? Do I love them enough?

- I don't feel the warm fuzzies. Am I just doing this out of obligation or because I really love them?

- I feel guilty because it feels like I'm lying or faking it when I say "I love you."

- I never felt the spark or honeymoon period with my partner.

- I’ve felt chemistry in other relationships but not this one. Does that mean I don’t really love them or we’re not right for each other?

- I don’t feel the way I used to about my partner. Or I feel nothing, just numb. Does this mean I don't love them or want them anymore?

- My thoughts used to say “what if I don’t like my partner?” and now they just flat out say “I don’t like them.” What does this mean?


- I don’t feel attracted to my partner. Sometimes I feel repulsed by them.

- I feel triggered around other people because what if I find them attractive?

- I feel like I’m cheating on my partner or don’t really want them when I find other people attractive.

- I sometimes want to flirt with other people, or I have flirted with others at times, and I feel like a terrible person who doesn’t deserve my partner. Maybe I don’t really want to be with them.

- I don’t feel “in the mood” or desire any sex from my partner.

- I have to fantasize about other people while having sex with my partner in order to get into it.

- I feel awkward talking about or having sex with my partner.

...and more!

You'll learn the EXACT reframes that really work and the EXACT steps to break free from the anxiety and heal this from the root.


Masterclass includes:

- 60 min deep dive to help you overcome these doubts once and for all (without faking it or dishonoring yourself)

- Lifetime access so you can watch or revisit it anytime

- $37 one-time payment and it's yours forever

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Once payment goes through you'll receive an email (within 24 hrs or less) with lifetime access to the masterclass so you can watch it anytime and review it as many times as you need. It's yours forever!