How to Harness Your Intuition and Be Your Own Guide

First, the most important thing I could ever say about this:

Everyone is intuitive. Even if you’re certain you’re not - you are.

If you think you never receive any intuitive signals, it’s only because you aren’t yet open to receiving them. You may very well hear them without realizing it. Many people unconsciously brush them off or mistake them for something else.

Have you ever been faced with a tough problem or personal dilemma that you tried and tried to solve? The more your mind attempted to analyze and figure it out, the more elusive the solution became. Then, as soon as you stopped trying - perhaps after a particularly restful night of sleep, or while in the midst of an utterly mindless task like washing dishes - that brilliant idea suddenly popped into your head?

THAT is your intuition.

Why couldn’t you access your intuition before? Because your logic brain was getting in the way. Your mind was so fixated on "figuring it out" that your subconscious was blocked. Your intuitive spirit was crowded out and unable to be heard. But it knew the answer all along (which is probably why you always felt so close to getting it.) You only had to calm your mind long enough to simply receive.

I've scoured the internet far and wide (be honest, it's one of our favorite resources.) I  have yet to find a practical, step-by-step training on this subject. Learning this work has changed my life. It's a very big subject to tackle, and there are many experts out there if you're looking for one. The point of this tool is to provide a solid jumping off point for beginners.

It can be hard at first to know if it’s your mind or your intuition that you’re hearing. Here are some pointers to help differentiate:

  • Your intuition may speak in a different voice from yours, male or female, young or old. Or it may sound very much like your own voice.

  • Intuition is a quiet whisper. It’s calm. It's non-emotional. It’s at the level of the soul, the spirit, the divine. It’s inner knowing. It’s feeling the knowing in your body, not thinking the knowing in your brain. It’s peace. It’s the absence of “thinking through” or wondering. It’s the calm flow of a steady stream. By comparison, the mind is often a busy highway.

  • If you can feel your body getting worked up over something (good or bad), or your mind going into analyzing or problem solving, this is not intuition. This is your logical left brain.

  • Intuition speaks only the truth, so it speaks very matter of fact, even plainly.

  • The information you receive may not always make sense to you at first, but it will still come with the firmness of inner knowing. It doesn’t have to be explainable. Intuition never rationalizes. You just know it to be true on a gut level. The message may even sound as if it defies logic. Perhaps it’s not making sense in the context in which you’re hearing it. It’s still the truth, plain and simple. You may just not yet have enough information to fully understand it. Don’t try to understand it with your mind. Just stay open to receiving and more will come.

  • Intuition can only be heard if you’re open to receiving. If you keep tuning it out or telling yourself “no, that can’t be true” and putting it out of your head, you’re closing yourself off from receiving, and you’ll receive less and less.

  • Judging or analyzing the message you receive activates the "monkey mind." It will cut you off from your intuition and lead you astray. It’s the fastest way to misinterpret a message or shut yourself off from receiving altogether.

  • Just as you don't want to deny the messages you receive, neither do you want to seek a certain answer or outcome. This isn't being open or receptive. This is attachment. Let go of what you think you want. Trust that whatever you receive is exactly what you need to hear.

  • Although there are strong likelihoods, when it comes to "telling your future", nothing is set in stone. Each of us has free will. (Phew!) The same goes for all the other people on this planet, so there are many factors that come into play and influence how things turn out. You may be all set for one path right now, but don't get too attached to predictions. Stay open, and you're sure to land exactly where you're meant to be.

  • It’s not emotional, so it never sounds fearful. If fearful words or thoughts rush in, you can rest assured that that’s not your intuition. It’s just your egoic mind freaking out (as it often does.)

  • In the case of a true emergency, true danger, or even just being in the presence of a sketchy character, your intuition may very well give you a strong message or feeling. This is different from the anxious fear of the mind. It’s a firm knowing that something is wrong, and that you should remove yourself from the danger as quickly as possible.

You can work out your intuitive muscles every day. Notice what you receive as you simply go about your day. Messages are coming in all the time, if only you stay open to receiving them without judgment or attachment.


When you have a particular question, concern or curiosity around something, like what’s the best choice to make, you can inquire with your intuition.

  1. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. You may like to sit with your legs crossed, or have your feet planted on the floor. You may also lay down as long as you're upright enough to stay focused and not fall asleep. Find whatever is comfortable and relaxing. Have a journal or note pad and pen handy to take notes.

  2. Close your eyes and keep them closed. Ground yourself by taking deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

  3. If it helps (it usually does), start by using visualizations to center yourself more deeply. Here are some examples: imagine a purple or deep indigo blue dot between your eyebrows. This is the color of the third eye chakra, which evokes intuition and inner knowing. Or, make a protective force around you to feel more comfortable. Visualize a warm, loving light or golden geometric shape (such as a diamond) surrounding your body. Just play around with this and try different things. It’s whatever helps you feel connected and at ease. If something comes to you, go with it. If nothing feels right, skip this step. This process is all about trusting the first thing you receive. No thinking allowed!

  4. Now, either in your head or out loud, simply ask your higher self a question. If there’s something in particular you wish to know, be specific and intentional in how you word your inquiry. This may be anything from, “Will I leave my job?” to “What would you like me to know right now?” or “How can I best serve the world today?”

  5. If the question you ask doesn’t get answered, ask it in a different way, or ask another question altogether. Your intuition won’t waste its time with superficial, ego-serving trivialities. And it won’t tell you anything you aren’t ready to hear, either. Trust in its divine timing.

  6. Most importantly, trust whatever comes to you. When your relationship with your intuition is new, you may only receive small fragments. Not fully formed thoughts or in depth concepts yet. You may only receive images or colors, or seemingly random words. When you don’t receive a full message, or what you receive doesn’t make sense to you, use inquiry to go further. For instance, if you receive a color, ask your intuition, “what does this color represent? What do I need to understand from this color? What else?” Maybe it then gives you more symbols to consider, or an explanation.

  7. Write down what you receive, even if it seems meaningless or silly at first. Later, when you’ve completed the exercise, you may wish to free-write about what it means to you. If you received a verbal message, how might you apply it to your life? Or if you received an image or color, what might it represent? Researching symbology can be a great starting place when you’re new to interpreting messages. Just make sure it doesn’t become a crutch or a replacement for your own inner knowing.


  • First, do the exercise! If right now isn’t the best time or place, schedule it on your calendar for another time this week. Don’t overthink it. Just block out 15-30 minutes and jump right in. Stay curious. See what happens. You’ll have no idea until you try.

  • After trying this exercise the first time, write down your reflection on the experience (along with any insights or messages you received.) What was this experience like for you? What worked? What was difficult about it? How often do you think you might need to practice this work in order to start overcoming these difficulties?

Listening to your intuition requires immense trust in your higher self, your inner knowing, and the wisdom of your body. Developing your intuition will require you to overcome self-doubt on a whole new level. You can’t be afraid of being wrong. You have to move forward and trust that, no matter the outcome, you're on the right path. If it doesn’t make sense yet, it’s  most likely because you haven’t seen the full fruition of what’s in store for you.

When you’re new to your intuition, this process can be physically exhausting. You’re connecting on a deep level to something at a higher vibration than we typically feel comfortable in. Discomfort is normal. Embrace it. Practice it every day.

It gets easier. Even if you don’t think so, I promise it does. It'll take real time and practice, but you'll start to notice subtle distinctions between your mind's voice and your intuition's voice. Remember, everyone is born with intuition, so anyone can do this! Practice receiving, over and over. Practice trusting what you receive, over and over. You will only get stronger, clearer, more confident. The evidence will be clear, because you’ll continue seeing the little truths in what you receive play out in real life.

It won’t happen overnight. Remember, your intuitive ability will only improve in relation to how often you practice and how open you stay to receiving without judgment. You can do this! Give it a month, and then six months, and then a year. Watch your intuitive muscles grow!

Love + abundance,