Five Fear Busting Questions to Move You Forward

Working with a life coach is one of the most effective ways to stay clear-minded, motivated and accountable. Even the most successful creatives and entrepreneurs find that coaching only becomes more valuable - not less - as they reach higher levels of achievement in life. After all, there is no end to this journey. You will never "arrive." If you're not growing, you're dying. (Yep, it just got real.)

Even if you're already working with a coach, what can you do between coaching sessions? When the inevitable happens, and you find yourself a tad intimidated by what lies ahead, how can you coach yourself through it?

This exercise can help. And really,  it needs no introduction. Enough talking, already. Let’s get to the juicy stuff!


  1. First, describe your goal or desire, and the fear that’s stopping you from moving forward with it in some way:

Next, answer these five powerful questions to the best of your ability:

  1. What’s the worst case scenario? Could you live through it? Has life ever given you something that you couldn’t survive?

  2. What might you miss out on if you let this fear stop you?

  3. What might others miss out on if you let this fear stop you?

  4. If there was no fear, and failure was impossible, what would you do?

  5. What’s one actionable step you can take toward this goal?
    (For this last question, think simple and start small. We want progress here, not perfection!)


  • Alright, now let’s make it happen! Specifically, on what day and time will you take this action step? Decide now and put it on your calendar.
  • Where will you need to be when you take this action step (home, office, etc.)? Put this on your calendar, too.
  • Will you need to have gathered any resources beforehand? What are they? When and how will you get them? You guessed it - this goes on the ol’ calendar with everything else.

Woohoo! Great work. I encourage you to revisit these questions every time a scary but worthwhile challenge comes your way. Even if you end up deciding to modify your goal or go in another direction entirely, at least you did so consciously and not from a place of fear.

Ready for more? The fourth and final tool in this series is coming your way soon. Get ready to learn How to Harness Your Intuition and Be Your Own Guide. This is a powerful one, folks!

Love + abundance,