Happy Clients

I have worked with other coaches in the past, and I can say without reservation that Samara is the cream of the crop. She has such a natural and innate ability to listen actively, hone in on themes and concerns I’m often not even aware of myself, and help illuminate solutions that are tangible, accessible, and impactful.

As an extremely busy professional that has both a full time job as well as a small business/freelance career, the guidance I get from Samara has paid dividends in both my day-to-day life, and more long-term goals.

Through our work together, she has helped me find tools to manage my time, navigate tricky personal and professional situations, and lead me out of a full time job with little room for advancement, and into my literal dream job that is exactly in my chosen field, and doubled my salary to boot.

I literally cannot say enough good things about Samara. If you’re serious about growth in your life, hire this woman yesterday.
— Lauren C.

My goal was to find ways to feel more productive in my life. I would highly recommend Samara to all my friends who are looking for the motivation to get their life more together. Having multiple jobs and limited time made it feel impossible to get anything done. I feel so much more efficient and on top of my daily life than I did before. 

— Margot G.

I no longer feel overwhelmed. I have the inner strength to accomplish anything!

—  John B.


Sessions with Samara were inviting and supportive. She has a talent in asking questions that guide the person to explore a topic with a new perspective. Samara mentioned a profound concept related to emotional stress. I was expressing awareness of extreme emotions, and Samara suggested that I fully immerse myself in that emotion in order to ride it out and release it. I had usually tried to fight or purposefully overlook intense emotions. This new perspective of immersion to release came in handy with practice.

— Amber N.

Samara is amazingly intuitive and a very relatable coach. I have seen a definite improvement in my day to day life. 

— Angela P.


She will take right to the edge of your comfort zone and hold you there until you are ready to take the leap that you really want to take in order to make a change in mindset and action in your life.

— Jamie J.

I couldn't say enough good things about Samara and how her coaching has changed my life. After each session she would help me create goals and follow up with me at the next meeting to see how I did. This helped create positive, concrete steps I could take to actively change my situation or accomplish things I'd been wanting to do for a long time.

— Laura R.