Alignment Unleashed is the live program that gives you UNLIMITED coaching + tools to transform anxiety, OCD, doubt & decision paralysis into peace of mind, confidence and lasting relief.

Are you so distracted by racing thoughts and anxious overthinking that you're rarely present and it feels like you're missing out on life?

Are you constantly questioning yourself and second guessing your decisions, terrified of choosing wrong or making a mistake you'll regret?

Do you compare yourself to others, beat yourself up, or get triggered by everyday things that don't seem to bother other people?

Are you exhausted by the mental overwhelm and "analysis paralysis" that block you from moving forward in life?

Are you a high achiever, perfectionist or people pleaser?

Do you ever feel guilty or ashamed for being this way or how it affects others in your life?

Then you, my love, are experiencing anxiety and it's time to get true, LASTING relief. 

You're tired of playing a never-ending game of "worry whack-a-mole". If you're not ruminating about your relationship, you're worried about your work, health, money, appearance, or kids.

You're ready to break free from doubt, fear, anxiety, OCD or "decision paralysis" so you can live from a space of calm, ease and flow no matter what.

Would you love to...

  • Feel calm, peaceful and present all day long, and finally be in charge of your mind and your thoughts?
  • Trust yourself and your decisions, knowing that everything is working out and you'll still be happy with your choices 10 years from now?
  • Release negative stories and emotions so that you never have to berate yourself or feel riddled with guilt again?
  • Truly love yourself, feel amazing in your mind, body & spirit and finally relax into the knowing that you're already enough?
  • Feel confident in yourself and move forward in your life, relationships & work worry-free?
  • Move out of your head and back into your heart, so you can relax and enjoy the peace, presence, confidence and certainty of who you truly are?
  • Tap into your inner guidance, follow your divine path and feel more ALIVE than you ever have before?
  • Have WAY more time and energy for your creativity, passions and enjoying the present moment with those you love?
  • And finally, are you an action taker who's serious about showing up and committed to creating transformation and happiness in your life?

Then Alignment Unleashed is for you.

Discover how to use your own secret superpowers to tap into unlimited peace, confidence and happiness at the drop of a hat... no matter what type of anxiety you have!

I used to think that if only I could feel confident in my marriage and get over my relationship/commitment anxiety, I would finally feel at peace again.

Then a funny thing happened.

I got pregnant and freaked out daily over whether I'd have a miscarriage.

I started my own business and worried constantly about whether I was good enough.

I experienced inflammation issues and started obsessing about my body and diet.

It didn't matter what was happening in my life... There was ALWAYS something to worry about and trigger fears!

That's when I realized that the "theme" or content of my anxiety had never been the problem.

It's the old, unhelpful pattern UNDERNEATH the anxiety that is actually the problem.

Now I welcome fear, anxiety and any uncomfortable thought/sensation that wants to pop in from time to time.

Anxiety is my superpower.


It's my compass, my barometer that reminds me I've fallen out of alignment with my happiest authentic self.

And because I know what works, I can use my signature Alignment Method to snap myself back into alignment, peace, ease and confidence anytime at the drop of a hat.

Wanna know how?

I used it just the other day!

Here's a great example of how this works:

As I was launching this very program, Alignment Unleashed, I noticed some constriction and unease in my chest.

My body felt stiff and tense. I knew this meant something was off.

OLD Samara would've thought, "omg, this must mean that this new program idea is all wrong, I shouldn't do this."

Because anxiety tends to assume that the content of its obsession IS the problem... when in fact, the "problem" is NEVER really the problem!

So I paused and got curious.

I asked myself, "What's the old pattern that I'm being called to release now?"

And it hit me.

It was an old pattern of me not embracing my power, my light, my heart's desire.

This old pattern was programmed to hold me back as a way of protecting myself.

It wasn't bad or ill-intentioned... It just wasn't coming from my highest self. It was coming from fear and old stories.

So I gave myself compassion and empathy for feeling this way, and I immediately felt a weight lift off my chest.

I also remembered how safe I am to be me, to serve others, and to share my signature Alignment Method with the world so that others like me (perfectionists, people pleasers and high achievers) can also know true peace and freedom from their anxious minds and fearful thoughts.

I immediately shifted back into my happy, confident, authentic self and knew PRECISELY what actions to take next.

So, now I ask you...

How freeing would it be if you could shift ANY fearful, anxious thought or pattern in a matter of seconds?

What if I told you that... YOU CAN?

I'm not special, my love. If I can do this, so can you.

If you'd love to learn how...

Join me in Alignment Unleashed now to receive unlimited personalized coaching, lifetime course access and virtual "front row seats" to the live trainings of a lifetime.

You'll learn how to master my signature Alignment Method that perfectly blends ancient wisdom & practical tools:

  • Release anxiety on all levels (mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, physically) ANYTIME at the drop of a hat.
  • Break free from fears, worries and breathe a sigh of relief as you finally relax.
  • Heal any hidden wounds, beliefs or patterns so you can feel truly free and in charge.
  • Reconnect with your higher self for true happiness and all the answers you seek (without any worst fears coming true!)
  • Trust yourself and take aligned actions so you can experience your dream life NOW.

I'll personally guide you, answer all your questions and help you transform into the happiest, freest version of yourself possible.

I can't wait to help you break free!

xoxo, Samara

Think of this as your one-stop, all-access pass for releasing all forms of anxiety, fear & doubt:

  • Anxiety (relationship, dating, health, work, business, etc.)
  • OCD (any theme)
  • Self-doubt or lack of self-trust
  • Decision paralysis
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Past wounds/inner child

No matter what situation or theme your anxiety is worried about, we have you covered:

...and did we mention you get LIFETIME access?

Sign up once and it's yours forever.

  • Get my powerful step-by-step system for breaking free from anxiety, OCD, doubt & decision paralysis so you can experience heaven on earth now, be your happiest self, discover all your own best answers (without any worst fears coming true), and manifest everything you desire in your relationships, work, health and life.
  • Weekly live calls in our exclusive members-only Facebook group. I’ll help you navigate ANY questions or blocks so you can let go of anxiety, accomplish your goals and live your dream life. (Really.) Calls are recorded for all members, so you can watch the replay if you can't make it live, and/or return to them anytime!
  • Tons of new, specialized trainings will also be released based directly on what you and other members are asking for. This is unlike any other program out there as you get to help co-create this space and it keeps growing with you. (And don't worry about overwhelm - you get to pick and choose the trainings that speak to you.)
  • Get exclusive access to our members-only online community where you can ask questions, share ideas and get real live support from me and other members, so that you never feel alone or stuck spinning your wheels.
  • This is a safe, loving, engaged community where you can connect with incredible souls just like you. We're all here to lift each other up, support one another and answer each other’s questions. We're all serious about transformation here!
  • LIFETIME access to ALL of this. Yep, that's right. You signup once and it's yours forever. (Including live weekly coaching for as long as this program exists, and I have NO plans of ever ending it!) All the recorded calls, trainings and tools - including any new ones that I release into this space - are yours forever! You can go at your own pace and revisit these powerful teachings anytime.
  • BONUS - x6 monthly live Hot Seat coaching Zoom calls. If you'd love more face to face time to ask questions and do a deeper dive, these are for you. Get laser focused coaching directly from me, so you can experience relief and create results even faster. This is only available for a limited time, so take advantage while you can and sign up now!
  • This is a uniquely high-vibe space where you'll be surrounded by the ENERGY of people who truly believe in you, so that you can make transformative shifts and get powerful results. If you're an action taker who's committed to the process and serious about creating real change and happiness in your life, this is for you.
  • This transformative program starts 6/14/22! Signup now to claim your spot at a limited time 90% OFF (while it lasts.)

Thinking all this must cost a fortune?

Think again.

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  • BONUS - for a limited time, join now and get x6 monthly LIVE group Zoom calls where you can ask me anything. You'll get laser-focused coaching to help you find massive clarity, discover your next steps and create results even faster. ($400 value)
  • Lifetime access to all the trainings/courses, call recordings + tools, including ANY new material that I release into this space, forever! ($2000 value)
  • Lifetime access to this high-vibe, energetic "incubator" to fast track your success and support your deepest alignment. (Priceless)

Total Value: $3,800

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If you're ready to:

  • Break free from anxiety, OCD, doubt or decision paralysis so you can live from a space of calm, ease and flow no matter what...
  • Move out of your head and back into your heart, so you can relax and enjoy the peace, presence, confidence and certainty of who you truly are...
  • Tap into your inner guidance and follow your divine path in every area of life...
  • Feel truly confident in yourself so that you can stop second guessing, trust your choices and make decisions with confidence...

Then this is for you and now is the time.

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What happens after I sign up?

Expect a Welcome Package Email within 24 hours that gives you ALL the access links, dates and details you'll need to get the most out of this incredible program. I'll get to know your expectations and desires so we can co-create this powerful space together and ensure your success. You're going to be AMAZED by the personalized support and attention that you receive in this group, even as it continues to grow!

When does it begin?
The Alignment Unleashed Collective kicks off in our private group on 6-14-22! We'll start by releasing the core training lessons each week, followed by tons of specialized trainings to help you succeed no matter where in life you're feeling stuck or unsure. Make sure to save your spot now before this chance disappears!

How long will I have access?
Forever! You get weekly live training calls + open coaching/Q&A with me for as long as this program exists. (At LEAST the next year, but this is my passion and I have NO plans of ever ending it!) You also get lifetime access to all the call recordings, including ANY new courses or materials that I release into this space, forever! This allows you to go at your own pace, work around your schedule and revisit these powerful tools anytime.

When are the coaching calls and trainings?

The weekly trainings take place on Thursdays at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern / 8pm UK) via Facebook Live in our group. Calls will start with a powerful live training, then open up to your questions so you can get personalized answers from me in real time. The recordings will be available in the group forever, even if you can't make it live!

The limited time BONUS of x6 monthly Hot Seat calls will take place via Zoom on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern / 8pm UK.) Anyone can ask a question in the chat and I'll help you find massive clarity, discover your next steps and fast track your results.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! When you signup now, you get the option of a flexible monthly payment plan to make this easily accessible on virtually any budget.

Will I still get lifetime access if I choose the payment plan?
Yes, absolutely! No matter how you pay, you'll still get full access to all the same great stuff.

Is there a discount if I pay in full?
Definitely! You save a whopping 20% when you pay in full now before enrollment closes.

Is this for me?
Here's how to know for sure. Do you have ANY type or degree of anxiety? Would you love to BECOME the type of person who never has to struggle with anxiety, self-doubt or decision paralysis again? Then yes, ABSOLUTELY this program is for you!

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If you're SERIOUS about transforming anxiety into lasting peace, this program is a NO-BRAINER.

Alignment Unleashed Collective is the one-of-a-kind program that takes you from stuck to supercharged in love, work and life:

  • Wake up in the morning and feel excited to jump into your day, like you've just won the lottery by simply being you.
  • Stop feeling paralyzed by fear, worry and mental overwhelm.
  • Cut out the compulsions or coping mechanisms that are only perpetuating the cycle and making you feel worse.
  • Transform anxiety and confusion into spiritual alignment so that you can embrace your inner guidance, trust your choices and follow your divine path in every area of life.
  • Live from a space of flow, alignment and being truly present in the moment, so that everything you do feels easier and more fun.
  • Watch as opportunities fall into your lap and nothing seems to rock your peace or confidence anymore.
  • Make decisions quickly and confidently. You never have to regret a decision again.
  • Relax and enjoy the relief of never having to overthink or worry about ANYTHING again. (Seriously.)
  • Heal any wounds or old patterns so you can feel free and unstoppable.
  • Let go of the fears and blocks that have been stopping you and embrace the next level version of who you truly are.
  • Experience pure joy, freedom and peace of mind!

Save over 90%!

If you're ready to take charge of your thoughts so you can feel peaceful and present no matter what...

Then now is the time and Alignment Unleashed is the perfect space for you.

I'll personally guide you, answer all your questions and help you transform into the happiest, freest version of yourself that you’ve always admired in others (but never thought you could be.)

Anxiety, triggers and negative thoughts DON'T have to rule your life anymore.

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