Hi! I’m Samara.

Hi! I’m Samara.

I TeaCh small business owners how to hire their first employees, so they can build thEir dream team and have the freedom to live their happiest life.

For over a decade, I’ve managed a team of 25 people at an award-winning residential cleaning company in Seattle. I’ve worn all the hats: human resources, employee management, operations, sales and customer service.

Through learning who to hire (and who not to hire), I more than doubled the company’s sales into a $1.7 million dollar business.

I went on to receive my life coach certification through Seattle Life Coach Training. My combined experience equips me with the knowledge of a consultant and the intuition of a coach.

This is about building your team so you can take your business to the next level. My job is to help you find clear answers that resonate with you, while avoiding the pitfalls of doing it alone.


You’re ready

You’ve owned your own business for years and it’s always been you. First of all, can we celebrate that? You’re a rock star! But you don’t want to do it alone forever. It’s time to learn how to hire and retain great people. And not just anyone — you want to choose the right talent for the job while staying true to your company’s vision and purpose. Hiring the right staff and building an amazing team is the first step toward working ON your business instead of IN your business.


build your team

If you’re like most “solopreneurs” looking to hire their first employees, you may find yourself feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Where do you even start? This is the perfect time to bring in a qualified coach. Whether your long-term goal is a small team that you supervise, or a large team reporting to managers, you’ll need help to get to the next level.


find your freedom

You want to take a vacation or work part time and know that your business will run smoothly without you. You want to create jobs that change people’s lives for the better. Most importantly, you got into your business for a reason bigger than yourself. It’s time for your company to be bigger than you, too. You CAN grow your business into a time-giver, not a time-sucker. So… what does freedom look like to you?

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