We’re all faced with tough decisions in our lives…

• Will I be truly happy in a new job or should I work for myself?

• Should we have kids or stay child-free?

• Did I choose the right partner or was this a mistake?

The list goes on. And when the decisions are big enough to change the trajectory of our lives, we can get stuck in indecision. It can feel overwhelming and scary to the point of “analysis paralysis.” What’s the best choice for me? How can I make such a big decision and know that I’ll be happy with it later?

You’re in luck. I have a tool for that! First, let’s get clear…

What big choice are you faced with right now?

You know the thing… you may not talk about it much, but it’s there in the back of your mind. (Or perhaps you talk about it to the point of obsession.) You’re weighing your options, Googling it, and asking for advice. But “on the fence” you remain, too nervous to commit to one path.

Here’s the thing. On some level, you already know your answer.

Contrary to what some people think, no one can know your truth better than you. We’re all naturally intuitive.

This guided visualization makes it easy to tap into your own unique intuition.

By simply listening, you’ll quickly connect with the empowering answers that already await just under the surface.

I double-dog dare you to try it. Even if you’re sure that you’re NOT intuitive! And if you already consider yourself to have a strong intuition, this easy exercise may even become your new favorite go-to.

I’ll guide you through this powerful visualization and help you get clarity around whatever big life decision you're navigating:


You’re guaranteed to get some AMAZING feedback from this exercise.


When weighing the pros and cons in any decision making process, we often stay stuck in our heads, over-analyzing until we’re blue in the face.

This tool gets you out of your head and into your heart.

Your heart (AKA your intuition) is knowledgeable in a way that your brain could never be.

We also tend to give way too much consideration to all the worst case scenarios. When we do this, we end up making choices out of fear and avoidance, rather than from a grounded place of trust.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that whenever choosing between something that “checks all the boxes” and looks better on paper, or something that makes less logical sense but feels right for some reason that you can’t quite explain… ALWAYS follow that feeling of alignment.

You don’t have to know why in the moment. You’ll be shown later on, as you walk the path.

Love & light,

Samara Lane


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